StoreValue and Echo


I have a value I want to pass into a search bar in a web application.

The value is a Customer ID that is generated by the web application newly for each application, and I would like to use this ID to search for the application again for verification.

So, assuming the Customer ID is A12345, I would like to use the store feature to call the value again in a later page.

I have been trying this syntax:

(test case 1)

storeValue | id=_application_enquiry_portlet_WAR_morcmsportlet_custId | customerID |

this appears on the log:

[info] Store ‘AA12345’ into ‘customerID’

when I try to call the
(test case 2)

echo | id=s2id_autogen1_search | ${customerID} |

the line turns green, but ‘A12345’ isn’t entered into the search bar autmatically.

Where am I going wrong. please help as soon as possible.

Regards and many thanks,

echo will output the value of the variable in the Log. It can be used for debugging purposes.

Try using the command type to enter the value into the search box
type | id=s2id_autogen1_search | ${customerID} |