storeEval - using greater/less than with JavaScript arrow function freezes/crashes the browser

When using JavaScript in a storeEval and it contains a < or > the browser will freeze and sometimes crash. It usually needs the be force closed.


storeEval | (()=>{ if(1 < 2) {return 'A'} else {return 'B'} })() | test

Currently the only workaround is the replace the characters with an escaped equivalent, make the JavaScript a string, unescape and eval. For example, this works but is annoying to do:

storeEval | eval(unescape("(()=>{ if(1 %3C 2) {return 'A'} else {return 'B'} })()")) | test
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Try it without the function declaration

 | storeEval | if(1 < 2) {'A'} else {'B'} | test |
 | echo | ${test} | |

Here’s the output I get

[info] Executing: | storeEval | if(1 < 2) {'A'} else {'B'} | test |
[info] Store 'A' into 'test'
[info] Executing: | echo | ${test} | |
[info] Expand variable '${test}' into 'A'
[info] echo: A
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That does appear to be a much better workaround than mine. However, the lack of return statements makes it more difficult to read and when you do have a return statement it complains about Illegal return statement and won’t run.

I am still curious though because it is valid JavaScript, it should work. What is it about the module pattern ((arg)=>{ return 'result'})(value) that causes the Katalon eval to break on < and >? I would prefer to write it in module pattern so that I could have clear return calls.

Edit: While testing some more it appears to be the arrow function declaration that causes it (()=>{})() while the traditional (function() {})() seems to work fine with < and >.


storeEval | (()=>{ if(1 < 2) {return 'A'} else {return 'B'} })() | test


storeEval | (function() { if(1 < 2) {return 'A'} else {return 'B'} })() | test
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