Start my mobile application if not started yet, in a TestCase?


I’m using Katalon for mobile test.
In my TestCases, I don’t need to start my apk application first because my listeners @BeforeTestSuite do it very well (and this is to avoid the long start application delay between each TestCase during my TestSuite run)

But, when I need to debug my TestCase, I need each time to enable my first “start application” line.
Is there a way to say to Katalon “if my application isn’t started yet then start it now please !” ?

Other question : Is there a way to NOT to see the disable lines info into the HTML report ?

Thanks a lot

Hi @olivier,

I was looking to do something similar, but I wanted to show a warning any time anyone tried to run an individual test case; I wanted to always run as part of a suite.

You should be able to check if Appium is already running using AppiumDriverManager.isAppiumServerStarted(0) and I think that should be a pretty reliable way to know if your tests need to start the application themselves.


  • You can adjust the 0 to be a longer wait timeout.
  • You’ll need to import import com.kms.katalon.core.appium.driver.AppiumDriverManager

In your case, I would add a Test Case Listener that checks if Appium is running, and if not, start it.

Hope this helps,


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Perfect !
I add your line in my @BeforeTestCase listener and it works great, thanks a lot for your help.

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