SQL server Script in KAtalon

Hi All,
could you please help me with this if you can… so i have a script connecting to the sql database. the connection works fine but when i try to execute the script i get an error:

So i created a Global Variable which is a username.

CustomKeywords.‘mydatabaseConnection.FicaMe.execute’("UPDATE [Trading].[dbo].[Users] SET UserStatusID = 2, ficaRegistered = 1 WHERE [Login] = "+ GlobalVariable.username )

This is the error i get :

com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException: Invalid column name ‘MyUsername_1534249786’.

and note that MyUsername is the username which i created as a global variable.

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can you share your mydatabaseConnection.FicaMe.execute keyword?

Thank You Marek for the response. below is my Keyword:


def execute(String queryString) {

Statement stm = connection.createStatement()

boolean result = stm.execute(queryString)

return result

“com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException: Invalid column name ‘MyUsername_1534249786’.”: This is an error message from SQL Server indicating that wrong column’s name is used. You should double check again this [Trading].[dbo].[Users] value from update statement