Spinning test environment


Am very new to Katalon. And am carrying out a small due diligence on Katalon what is possible and what is not for UI (Web) Testing.

One think I could not find it from the document is, Does katalon have any support to spin up the environment to test such as install product, do configurations etc.

Any help on this is much appreciated.

Hi @sramakrishnan

What do you mean by

Can you elaborate more, as in a scenario of what you need to test ?

Sure ThanhTo. Thanks for your quick reply.
Currently I’ve my product (lots of microservices, one of the microservice is for UI) pre-stood up. And am pointing Katalon tests to the URL of UI service and it works.
My question now is Is there a way in katalon to provision the product (services) and do the initial configurations. Then get the application URL and run the web tests on this URL. Hope this is clear now.

Or is there a way to run some external script before the test starts? where the script can do install the required build and do the initial configurations?

you can execute external commands, search the forum and you will find relevant answers.
however, what do you want to achieve may be better done by using a CI tool, jenkins, ansible whatever you like where katalon will be the last piece in your pipeline