Sometime html file is not included in Report and sometime it is not attached in Email

Please let us know how would your work be affected if this issue has not been resolved?

  1. I cannot continue my job and have to work on something else while awaiting your response

Operating System

  • For example: Windows 10

Katalon Engine Version: 7.5.5

  1. Open Katalon Studio > Project > Setting > Email
  2. Input Mail server setting, Repicient, Report format include HTML file
  3. I have an API Key and install Basic report plugin for it
  4. Run a test suite by Katalon Enginer
  5. Waiting for finish and then check Repicient email
    => Actual:
  • Sometime I did not get email but sometime I did
  • Sometime I got an email without HTML file
  1. I checked report folder in Katalon Project but sometime I see the HTML file and sometime I cannot see it

Please help me investigate the issue. We cannot continue working if attached file is not available.
Thanks for your help

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