[SOLVED] Katalon 7.9.0rc2 JavaDoc blacked out

@ThanhTo @duyluong @devalex88 Katalon 7.9.0

There must be a simple fix for this:


That’s how JavaDoc looks on my machine. Looks the same if I launch the @ window, too. The annoying thing is, I see it flash yellow very quickly before it turns completely black.

I tried restoring defaults in the settings - it didn’t work. :frowning:

Hi @Russ_Thomas,

We will investigate this issue but please let us know do you switch to Katalon’s Dark theme before or not?

A long time ago - many versions ago, yes. I tried it, didn’t like it and immediately switched back.

Maybe I’ll try deleting the config folder…?


I found the setting. I can change the color but it won’t stick - all of the green buttons “work” (the setting goes to pale yellow) but once you leave the Prefs dialog, JavaDoc reverts to black again. When I open the prefs again, the setting is back to black again:

I’m sure there’s something in this folder I could delete - but I don’t want to lose everything by deleting them all:


Same problem in rc2 but changing the JavaDoc settings WORKS.

This is NOT a BUG in 7.9.0-official.