[Solved] Having an issue storing a value

Firstly im quite new to this and have been attempting to use selenium with no success on google chrome, due to captcha and login issues. However, using the plugin, allows me to be automatically logged in via saved password and username thus avoiding the captcha problems.

I am attempting to store a value, which is located under the same element in multiple pages into the same list.
The exact problem is that i cant seem to extract the exact data I would like.

Here is the HTML:

I have attempted the use of multiple store commands. Store element, store Title, store attribute but with no success, i think my target location is fundamentally wrong and have problems with it.

The target and value how i have set them up are shown below:

I effectively would like to store the integer in a list then download it eventually.

If you need any further information then just ask.
Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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Please try storeText.

Also, if you still want to use Selenium with your already logged-in Chrome profile, please read this tip.

Hi thanks a bunch, that worked, must have missed it.
I think I will most likely stick wiith this aproach for now.

I have a follow up question, I would appreciate it if you could take the time to respond:

Is there any way i can save variables to a CSV or export them via a file efficiently?

Hi, there is a way to do that from JavaScript, google “javascript create and save file localy” and find answer on stackoverflow. Hope that helps. :smiley: