So, can i go to a URL when testing a mobile app?

Getting more then desperate here.

So i cannot click a button in Katalon. As this button only goed to another page perhaps i can just ommit clicking the button (I know, bad form as i am now skipping the test that the button works. I don’t know what else to try)

So i tried 'Navigate to Url and pass the URL

I get the error: Unable to navigate. Browser is not opened.

Yeah ofcource there is no browser openen. I am testing an Android app…

Is there a way then i can emulate GoToUrl in an Android app as i cannot click the button in Katalon. Again the button only does 1 thing. It navigates to a URL and i need a workaround


To test mobile web app, you should record the web on desktop as normal. When running a test case on Mobile device, just select Android or iOS on the Run dropdown and select the device.

For more details, please take a look at our documentation: Testing Web App on Mobile Browsers | Katalon Docs