Snapshot of where error occured


I would like to know if there is a setting/feature that I can enable to show a snapshot of where the errors occured when running the script. I am not referring to the word error but an actual screenshot of the web ui where the error occured. This would be very useful to debug. Thanks.

Do you not have any PNG files already in your Reports folder when you have an error in your test script?

Edit: Depending on your version of KS, if you have a Report heading in the Project Settings, you can find the same setting as Russ_Thomas shows below.

This seems to be an enterprise version feature since I do not see this option in the trial version.

  1. There is no trial version.

  2. When you first install Katalon Studio, it is the enterprise version.

How old is your Katalon? If it’s older than 30 days, then that is the issue.

Yes it;s older than 30 days. How do i get the new version? Do i need to uninstall what I have and install the latest version?

That’s not how it works. Once the the thirty days have elapsed, Katalon Studio Enterprise becomes Katalon Studio.

I see, so that means there is no way to get back Katalon Studio Enterprise for me?
If so it’s ok we can deal with this for now.

Well, if you pay the license fee… sure.

We would like to extend our free trial of Katalon Studio web Entreprise. Is there a support email we can inquire about this? Thanks.

You can try, but like I said, this is not how it works. After the trial period, you either continue with the basic Katalon Studio or purchase a license for Katalon Studio Enterprise.