Slowness Running Script

I am facing slowness while running the scripts. For running 1 test case is taking around 5 minutes. How to run it fastly ? anybody can help me?

some details about the ‘how-many-horses-you-have-under-your-pc-hood’ may help.
otherwise i can propose you a solution which may potentialy burn your hardware …

That is laptop’s spec that I use, isn’t it enough ?

Does the Katalon version that I use also affect?

Please try isolate the cause of slowness somehow; for example iinserting debug-print statements into your slow test case.

Which browser do you use? IE, Chrome, or else?

One guess … Do you call WebUI.sendKey(TestObject, Keys) often in your test case? It is known that sendKey with IE can be very slow. For example, see the followin post

check your katalon.ini file in the installation folder and change the value for -Xms to 1024, or even 2048. you can tweak also the Xmx value a bit (use it with caution). Since you have 16GB of ram installed, you can go up to, let’s say 4096 for this one.
sample file:


see if there is any improvement.
Follow also the above @kazurayam 's advice to identify possible bottlenecks.

** note also that some antiviruses may slow-down the execution too, if it is the case try to disable the heuristic engine.

see also the advice’s here: