Slowness during test execution

Hello everyone,

I am writing to you today because I need your help… When I launch my testSuite, from the 52nd test, Katalon Runtime takes more than 2 minutes to launch the browser instead of 10 seconds. Another project has exactly the same problem.
We run all this on a Linux VM.

My theory is that it would come from the machine side but we have enabled all the options to kill the different processes at the end of the processing. And nothing in the logs…
Have you ever had or heard of this issue please? I’ve tried a lot of things and I’m out of ideas.

Thanks in advance to all for your help !

Before the 52nd test :

From the 52nd test :

PS : I’m in last version of Katalon Studio ofc

Please check this thread …

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Hi discover.selenium,

Sorry for the delay, but : I have check this thread and we decide to upgrade our configuration to 20Go RAM (16Go → 20Go) and I see no change… Always the same bug at the 52nd test…

Any other idea please ?

have you tuned also the jvm xms and xmx allocations on your vm’s accordingly?
you can allocate terrabytes of resources to your ‘physical’ host
does KRE use them?

You should monitor how much memory KRE process occupies.

Try VisualVM to monitor the Heap size occupied by JVM. VisualVM is a good one and free of charge.

However, I guess that the allocatedJVM Heap size is not the cause of the problem of @paul.dufau.

Then why? ---- I don’t know.

@paul.dufau needs to investigate himself more before asking others for help.

You should check the way how your test script opens/closes browser.

Which type of browser — Chrome, FF, Edge ---- ? You should try other types and see what happens.

Is the browser opened Headless or Headed? You should try other mode and see what happens.

Does your Test Case "02 - ActionsComptes/ConnexionEntrepriseCree" opens/closes browser, or not? If not, how do you open browser? Do you have a Test Case "01 - ActionsComputes/openBrowser" and "xx - ActionsComputes/closeBrowser" ?

Does your script close the browser before opening a new one? or does your script opens multiple browsers — up 52 windows?

How many windows of browser do you open at a time? Are you aware of it?

Do you specify any Desired Capabilities when you open browser?

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