Slow sign-in process in a test case when ran through Jenkins

Katalon Studio version: 7.2.6
Katalon Runtime Engine version: 7.2.6
Jenkins version: 2.222.1
Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard
CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2666 v3, 2.90GHz
RAM: 15.0 GB (no issues there, after expanding there are about 9 GB free when KRE is running)

I’m having an issue with a very slow sign-in process (about 3.5 minutes) in a Katalon test case. In this test case, credentials are being put in the input fields and then the “SIGN IN” button is pressed. The test case ends when one of the home page elements is present. Usually, in a real-life case scenario, the login process takes a couple of seconds. The same is when test case runs on Katalon Studio in head and headless mode and on Katalon Runtime Engine through Windows Command Prompt. The issue occurs when the test case runs on Katalon Runtime Engine through Jenkins using the same command as in the Windows Command Prompt case mentioned earlier. The issue was occurring in previous versions of Katalon and Jenkins.

Would you know what can be the cause of this issue and what could be the solution to it?

Please let me know if more details would be required, although I might not be allowed to provide all of them.