Slow launch when connected to the internet

When I run a testcase and my computer has an Internet connection (Mac OS High Sierra), the testcase hangs for a while during launch, and then continues normally.
When I disconnect from the Internet, launching does not take up any time at all.

I suspect the launch process is waiting for something when connected to the Internet, but I am unable to determine the specific cause. Can anyone clarify what is going on and how it might be resolved?

FYI, the ‘building scripts’ stage is where the process hangs for several seconds:


That’s intriguing… and no doubt annoying. Sounds like a job for WireShark.

Found the culprit: I have an active VPN connection via Pulse Secure, which seems to create a hangup. When I disconnect from the VPN server, or even just suspend the connection, tests run as fast and smoothly as expected.

My network admin skills aren’t at such a level that I actually understand what’s causing this specifically, though, still curious to find out :slight_smile: