Show your appreciation through LIKES and SOLUTION MARKS - Everything you need to know!

Katalon Forum offers a reaction system where you can share your love for your favorite topic and the replies (posts) under it. This includes:

1. The Solution Mark :white_check_mark:

Mark a post as SOLUTION if you find that the reply can best solve the problem mentioned in YOUR topic, in order to:

  • Better navigation of the solutions to similar problems

  • Better organization for topics/discussions

  • Show appreciation to topic contributors

<> Miscellaneous: Everyone was once a rookie in our Community, let’s share a hand!

Kindly take a look at the below example:

Solution Mark

2. Like (Heart) button! :heart:

Leave a LIKE at the topic or post as you want to share your interest and appreciation of its content, in order to:

  • Show interest and appreciation to the contributors

  • Improve Trust Level for the contributors

  • Increase topics’ popularity to a broader audience

<> Miscellaneous: you can see the number of Likes of the post

Kindly take a look at the below example:


For a Community with friendly navigation and open for mutual support, don’t miss out on the Likes and Solution marks in only a few clicks!