Show Unused Test Objects disabled

I had been able to use the Show Unused Test Objects action a week or two ago, but it now appears disabled at all times on all projects for me. I’m on KS7 RE. It’s been disabled for at least a week and no amount of cleanup/restarting seems to enable it.


@jpalmer I don’t see this issue in KSE 7.1.2 on Mac but on Windows Machine non-KSE, it does looks like disabled.


Interesting. I’m on Win10, but it was working for me no more than a week or so ago.

Hi @jpalmer,

Show Unused Test Objects function is only available in KSE. It seems to me that your trial license for KSE has expired, so this function is disabled.
Please subscribe to KSE to continue using this function along with many other exclusive features.

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That’s disappointing. My trial ran out in November but I guess it must line up. Thank you for the clarification.

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