Shared object repository

Can multiple people work on same project with Katalon Studio and is there any shared repository option (like UFT) is available in Katalon Studio for Mobile & Web Testing?


Can we please have some answers for the question?

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I’m facing the same question right now.

In the Katalon Forum I have found several posts asking how to share artifacts developed in a Katalon Studio project with others.

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I suppose that many of the questioners above do not know what Git is and how it can help them.

Here I would define a word artifacts of a Katalon Studio project includes the following stuff:

  • Test Cases
  • Test Suites
  • Test Objects
  • Custom Keywords
  • Test Listeners

If you have a single Web Application and 2 or more people work together to test it, then the best solution is, as Vinh Nguyen mentioned in “Sharing test cases or keywords to multiple projects”, to create a Katalon Studio project and put it into a remote Git Repository. In the following figure, Alice and Bob share all artifacts of the project X via a Git remote repository. They will fully version-control the project and put tags to versions. The access to the Remote repository will be well administrated by the hosting services (GitHub, BitBucket etc)

Sharing project by remote Git repository

Perfect solution, isn’t it?

However, what would happen if your team has multiple Web applications to test and therefore you have created 2 or more Katalon Studio projects? It is quite likely, you would want to reuse some artifacts across projects.

In my humble opinion, among the types of test artifacts in Katalon Studio, only Custom Keywords is designed to be portable across projects. All the other types (Test Cases, Test Suites, Test Objects, Test Listeners) are not. I would not discuss this point here. I think this design decision is reasonable. I would be happy if only I can safely reuse my custom keywords across projects.

Here comes the new feature “Import/Export Keywords” comes in.

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I have created a project lets call it project X, I want to share its object repository with a new project that we call project Y, is this possible? There is no need for me to create a new object database for Project Y, they will be using almost all of the same Objects.

thanks in advance for your responses

There’s no built-in way to accomplish this. You can copy/paste the OR from one project to another in your file system, but of course this is not a good approach. @kazurayam might have a hack for you though, he’s good at that kind of thing.

Another approach could be (again, not the greatest approach) to have a separate Git repository for your OR, and have multiple projects pull from that.

thanks for the response, i’m amazed that we can not do this. I will put the request in as an added feature…

While I cannot tell you that OR separation is being planned, I do know that the entire system is slowly being modularized. Over time, you can expect the basic GUI, the testing framework and a whole suite of existing utilities and planned extras to be essentially all “plugins”.


The project Y requires the Object Repository of project X — this implies these two should not be separated. I would rather recommend you to merge the project X and Y to form one project for easier maintenance over time.

You can make sub folders in Test Cases/Object Repository/Test Suites. You can create sub-folders named X and Y in a project. The test cases under the sub-folder Y can use all the Test Objects under the sub-folder X. It’s simple. No need to worry about how to share a Object Repository across multiple projects.

Do you want to assign the project X to Mr.X and the project Y to Ms.Y? so you want to separate the two? — You shouldn’t. Mr.X and Ms.Y should share the single/united project using Git. See the following post for my opinion.

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Hi everyone,

Starting from Katalon Studio version 7.0.0, test artifacts sharing across project is available. With this feature, you can export and import test cases and test objects. Please refer to this document for further details.

Happy testing!