Share Your Feedback - Override Profile Variables in Console Mode Execution

Hey Katalon Community,

Overriding Profile variables is now possible in Console Mode Execution starting from Katalon Studio v5.10 due to the popular demand from Katalon Community. We aim to make Katalon Studio a better tool and to serve the testing community, and our team saw the value of such a request to boost your testing efficiency and reduce the testing efforts. That’s why we decided to introduce this capability as quickly as possible while working on other priorities in the development stack.

You asked for it and we listened! Now, it is your turn to share with us how this enhancement is being leveraged in your testing strategy.

We look forward to your awesome feedback!


Katalon Team


This was useful. We used it on the first day to alter a data file path.

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Tested it via command line and it works as expected :slight_smile:
Waiting for the update to the docker image since that is going to be a real test for us…

I used it for changing just the URL of the app without switching between Profiles and thus changing all of the Global Variables.

I pass the ID of my BrowserStack application I just uploaded

i am not using it (yet).
but could be of a great help when developing CI quick test scenarios!
it is adding another level of complexity top of my colleagues trying to keep up with me :slight_smile: