shadow DOM

First i would like to thank you this team to make such a wonderful test automation application that makes automation so easy for both web and mobile, that too for free.

Coming to my question, My Application under test uses Shadow DOM which can be accessed by By.deepCss only, any timeline when we could expect support for polymer, shadow DOM, Angular Applications. I feel this when supported by katalon, it would certainly be an invincible.

Also all the other browsers support polymer (shadow DOM) with polyfills

just adding my name to the list … we also need this support badly since half of our apps are using polymer with Shadow DOM…



x2. Please can Katalon support this.

My Application under test uses Shadow DOM, which prevents me from testing in Chrome currently. Probably the other browsers soon!


Hi Vinh, Thats right it is currently supported by Chrome only, but my question is the “Katalon” does not have option to perform operations on shadow DOM as there is no option for deepCSS.

Is KATALON having a roadmap to support Testing ANGULAR and shadow DOM based Applications? if yes when could we expect.

Having these support would make KATALON the best ever in market.

Hi there,

Based on this link:, I think only Chrome can support shadow DOM for now if I believe in this matrix. Is it true?