Setting firefox_binary capability for custom path not working

I go to project >> settings >> execution >> default >> WebUI >>firefox to add properties to the desired capabilities.

Firefox has a property called firefox_binary that is supposed to be able to set the path to find the browser executable to a custom location.

but setting firefox_binary doesn’t seem to work. I still get “Cannot find firefox binary in path” error. Is there a trick to getting this to work?
On windows, trying the following

firefox_binary “C:\Users\QA\browsers\Firefox\firefox.exe”
WebDriver.firefox_binary “C:\Users\QA\browsers\Firefox\firefox.exe”

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I recently had the same problem.
I added my firefox install directory (YOUR_PATH\Mozilla Firefox) to the windows PATH and restarded katalon studio. Now it’s working perfectly.

In your case the path should be “C:\Users\QA\browsers\Firefox”