Set Text/Send Keys: Input modal's "Value Type" dropdown does not show up

Hi guys! I’m new (waves) and I have a question.

Two of my steps actually involve “Set Text” and “Send Keys” function.

For those two, I had to edit the Value Type from “String” to “Key” via the Input modal.

The trouble is, there are times when the dropdown appears. There are other times when the dropdown does not appear when I click on it.


^In the screenshot, even if I click on Value Type, the dropdown does not appear. Hence, I cannot change the Value Type from String to Keys.

Update: I noticed that when I first open the Input modal, the dropdown does not appear. However, when I leave it open for a few minutes, the dropdown will appear when clicked.

Any ideas?

You’re update was key! You need to properly wait for the drop down in this case:

WebUI.waitForElementVisible(dropdownObject, 120);

On a side note, it’s strange that a drop down would take that long to appear. Does the application use AJAX at all?

Thank you very much Brandon.