Set text for a element in a frame, report"Cannot find elements when the XPath expression is null."

Katalon studio version:5.7.0

Call setText to set text for a input element in frame, report

“Unable to set text ‘集合主产品45’ of object ‘Object Repository/Page_TB1.1/Page_AddMainProductElementInfo/Page_MainProductBaseInfo/input__name’ (Root cause: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot find elements when the XPath expression is null.)”

Log screen shot see follwing picture.

Anybody know the this problem?


1.input object definition like following

2. Frame object including upper input obj config is like following

In web page, there are two frame which “name” attribute are both ‘iframe1’

(//iframe[@name=‘iframe1’])[2] can identify right frame including input obj.






I think that Katalon Studio 5.7.0 has a bug.

Please see the following post:

Dear @qsw,

We have fixed this issue in 5.10.1, please help double check.

Thanks and Best regards,