Set Appium by command line

I am getting this error:

com.kms.katalon.core.appium.exception.AppiumStartException: Appium directory is not set. Please set it in Window/Katalon Studio Preferences/Katalon/Mobile

When I try to use Katalon in Azure DevOps. In there I don’t have the interface to set it in Window/Katalon Studio Preferences/Katalon/Mobile as suggested, so how can I set the Appium directory?


Hi @Hugo,

You can manually add Appium location by create or edit this file: KS folder/config/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.runtime/.settings/

mobile.appiumDirectory=Appium location here

How can add appium location if I have use Katalon runtime engine ?

Nếu dùng KRE thì cho mình hỏi là add vào bằng cách nào vậy ạ ?

Hi @trung.banh,

You can set appium location for KRE by using APPIUM_HOME system environment:

export APPIUM_HOME=/usr/local/lib/node_modules/appium
./katalonc ...


yep, many thank to you.

Mình làm đc rồi nhé, cám ơn bạn nhiều.

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Cannot find that folder or file. Is it the same as KS folder/settings/internal and then add the file there?

You can follow this solution:

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Can we use katalon studio 6.3.3 for this?

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I’m using it and it’s working


Can i pass this to docker as well to set the appium path?

Yes, please follow this post to specify APPIUM_HOME: