sendKeys inserts unexpected space

When the first character is “/”, sendKeys adds a space.

Testing a profanity filter example:

  • Command: sendKeysAndWait
  • input Value:“/gurden|gurdener/”

The value was actually stored as " /gurden|gurdener/". Without that additional space, the profanity filter would mark test data like this:
Those cats are chasing our best gurdener.

With the space, the filter cannot intercept either word. (fyi: That phrase works as expected in the new Selenium-IDE.)

Any chance there’s a workaround?

OS: Windows 10
Browser: Google Chrome
Katalon Recorder 3.7.0

Sorry. I used the double quotes for clarity. d’OH!

In Katalon Recorder I enter the words/phrases without doubles or singles.

My apologies - I failed to notice this was for KR. I’ll remove my suggestion.


export your script to Katalon Studio format
remove whitespaces using
StringUtils from Apache commons

String withoutWhitespace = StringUtils.deleteWhitespace(whitespaces);

is this what you will need?

I’m still thankful for the heads-up.

I’ll give that a try. Much appreciated!