selectOptionByValue / Label steps take 25+ seconds

I’ve noticed that my “selectOptionByValue” and “selectOptionByLabel” steps take 25+ seconds to complete. I do have the “delay between actions” set to 1 second, does this have something to do with how long these select steps are taking? Is there any way around this? Thank you.

Oh c’mon, Tammy. This is a joke, right? What on Earth…

Did someone forget to feed the hamster?

I think you’re going to have to post some sample code so I/we can take a look.

Also, try a bare-bones test case targeting a single select element.

Oh… and is this local? Or do I recall you using a hosting service for your test environments?

Hi Russ,
Sorry I didnt include more information…thought that maybe someone had possibly experienced the same issue… In my application there are drop downs, for example, the months, and I select February, and that step takes 23 seconds to complete. This is happening local and remotely. In Project > Settings > Execution, I do have 1 second set for the “Delay between actions”. I was wondering if possibly it is taking a second to look through each option in the drop-down? Here is a screenshot, showing a few of the SelectOption steps at the top and the test execution at the bottom, showing those steps taking 23 to 29 seconds.

What happens if you set the regex argument to false?

WebUI.selectOptionByValue(findTestObject('...'), 'February', false)

If you’re supplying the exact same text as is present in the label itself, you don’t need to specify the regex arg as true.

I don’t think the delay between actions setting is your issue, but fyi, mine is set to zero, fwiw.

Lemme know!

Nice!!! Thank you Russ!! Now each of those steps take only 6 seconds, which is definitely an improvement. I’ll update all of my select statements to “false” for the regex arg. I appreciate your help!

I’d like to know why that regex arg is causing that delay… but then again, :wink:

maybe you can improve the performance even more to setup your object repository for finding the elements strict. (thus selecting the values via a more unique css/xpath). I am not sure on how many search criteria you find the elements.

good luck!