Selecting the most recent item on a list every time

Using an Android emulator. On a page of the app, there is a list with several components per list item. Each list item has an ID and some other text in it, in this format:

#99 - person's name here

I want to automate selecting the list item with the highest ID, since that will be the most recent item that I want to interact with. How do I go about ensuring that it will always select the highest ID, no matter what?

Screenshot here of the list, with its text fields that includes the ID and name.

I might create a collection (or two) in which I store the IDs, which you can get using the split(' ') function, taking the first part of the list, like myId.split(' ')[0], and then get the max item of the collection.
EDIT: You may not have to use the split() function, Instead, just add the IDs into a collection and then check if the max function works on that

An alternative is to use the collection’s sort function and then use the highest item in the collection.