Select item from List menu

Hi guys,

Does anybody knows how to select list item Ticket from this menu?


I was recording and spying x times to see how program recognizes this objects, and he recognizes:
1.) div_Please select
2.) li_Ticket
I’ve checked xpath position of both this objects and they should be correct but when I try to execute test case, on video can be seen that I’ve clicked on Please select and then Tickets and Packages choices appeared but Tickets cannot be selected and I don’t know what item options to choose beside Click.
Anybody have clue how to figure this?

Thanks in advance.

Please follow this link so folks can help you.

You have the Category as Windows Desktop App Testing but your elements are having names like div_Please select and li_Ticket. These seems to be web elements rather than desktop.

Also, is the Tickets menu option grayed out? That would generally mean that it is not available as an option to be selected at this time.

Hi, sorry for not presenting all needed data.

So, here are the steps:

Here is inspected objected span_please_select

Here is the xpath position (li_tickets):

I noticed that the <li> element with text “Tickets” has area-selected attribute of false.

<li ... area-selected="false">Tickets</li>

I am not sure, but I guess area-selected needs to be toggled to true before clicking the element. So it would be worth trying to move the cursor over the <li> element before clicking it. So …


Unfortunately, result is still the same, this li_tickets can’t be recognized and selected :frowning:

How about ensuring the element present before clicking it?

WebUI.verifyElementPresent(findTestObject("li_tickets"), 10)"li_tickets"))

In the console Log, what error do you find?

You possibly want to try the Enhanced Click:

history of the keyword:

Hello guy !

Plz how did you solve your problem, becoz I’m facing to the same problem now.

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hello bro !

Thank you very much for this solution, I was crying yesterday to solve this kind of problem.

Thank u, thank u you saved my life on this 29 th Tuesday 2020

i love you, be blessed brother.

I made 3 proposals to luka. Which one helped you?

Bro this solution helped me a lot, and I’m happy.
1- I passed the cursor over element
2- And i clicked it

Thank you for your reply.

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hello guy, i have a problem please.
I enter login & Password, when i clicked on Validated button, the test is passed, but the home page of the website is not displayed.
The same page of authentification is displayed again, but on katalon sutdio, test is OK !

help please !


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