Seem to have issues with Katalon

Hi everyone

I’ve been trying to use Katalon for a while now. I think I started when it was Version 5.5ish so have been trying to use it for some time. Over the various versions I’ve tried there always seems to be some issue. It either doesn’t recognize some browsers version or some things just don’t work at all. Capturing or recording doesn’t always work. Has anyone else experience problems and is this normal for this product?

There have been issues with certain browsers and the capturing/recording of objects since v5.5 - If you look into the bug reports category, im sure you will find the majority of issues you have encountered and they are more than likley resolved in the latest version.

Now software will “never” be bug free, there will more than likely be something new that breaks something else that the QC team dont pick up. Its a never ending cycle and will continue to be while the product evolves.

If you are experiencing issues that you cant find in the bug reports category, then raise a new topic and we can have a look.

Hi, Thank you for the response. I understand with software there are always going to be bugs but what makes katalon very difficult to use is there just seems to be so many of them. Its almost to the point where Katalon is not useful at all.

I use a very mixed combination of computers. Sometimes on my Linux machine, sometimes on a VM running windows 7 on my linux host. Then I have a laptop running windows 10. I’m not working on Katalon full time so when I try and use it to do a bit more I’m either finding something just doen’t work or stops working which makes it frustrating. At some point I even resorted to downgrading because I knew a particular version used to work for me. This doesn’t create a really good user experience especially when I’m trying to bring new people from my team on board too.

I think this is a wonderful too but its a shame its not more stable and consistent for most users out there. With the latest version I’ve been testing on my laptop and home computer at home it was very slow during the recording phase.

I’ll continue to keep trying to use Katalon as I think this is the right solution for us.


I understand your frustration, im not in the position so ill let @devalex88 give you a proper reply.

What i will say is that my overall experience with the tool has been great, yes theres bugs that sometimes hinder my progress but usally there is a workaround i can find or one that is suggested by the devs for me to use while they work on fixing said issue. Now i dont use linux so i cant speak for your experience with that but i havent experienced any real issues with the latest version as of yet so would strongly recommend upgrade to the latest version.