Scroll Bar within Page without unique ID


I am trying to record several steps. Now I am required to scroll down a scroll bar within the page to click the last element of the list. There is NO unique identifier for those elements. Their id is always “link1” and I can not focus it because there are multiple tables with scroll bars which also have the same id.
Example Picture:

I already tried:
- Focus and scroll down
- Click and Scroll down
- ClickWait and Scroll down

and several other things I forgot.
Does anybody have an Idea? I would be grateful for every input I can get!!

thank you in advance guys :slight_smile:

Oh I forgot: I can’t click the element directly by name because in “uncrolled / default” position there is another element on top of the element I want to click so I click the wrong element :frowning:
Some kind of “select” instead of click maybe would do it. But I did not found such an option.

You can’t simply use eg



thanks for your answer.
Even if I can select the element by a css value I could’t click it because there is some element located on a layer on top of the required element. :frowning:
Or does the css selector work different than “click”?


I finally solved it by inserting javascript and changing the height of the table in the section. The table was displayed in full height without scroll bar and I could click it :slight_smile:


Hello Manuel

Please to support that script to help me
I got the same issue like you