Script Method Color

Specific methods that are called to format byte arrays and strings will turn blue (as seen below) and I just would like to know what it means because I am having some formatting issues with specific variables. Also, this doesn’t happen with all method calls, for example in some cases println() will become blue and others it remains in the normal black text.

Thank you for any help


You can think of those as “methods (and closures) built into the language”. The language here is the GJDK (Groovy Java Dev Kit).

You can change the color here:


Thanks! Just what I needed. Ever since switching to Dark mode and back, I was having trouble seeing the text.

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Glad it works for you. For me, dark mode is unusable :confused: Worse than that, last time I tried it (in case it had improved since the previous time) it didn’t work at all - put Katalon into a totally unusable state.

I haven’t up’d to 7.5 yet. I’ll try it again when I do.