Scraping data from one website and uploading it to another

Hi I am really new to Katalon studio and web scraping as a whole so i apologize in advance if my questions are really basic. What I want to do is get Data from a furniture store website.
I havent figured out how to safe pictures (I would need the picture or the link to it)
And is there a way to add values together (like to numbers)?
Thanks for any help in advance!

If you are really new to Katalon Studio, if you have no idea what to do, then you should start with the sample built-in projects.

Your question is still ambiguous. You haven’t given us any concrete information.

  1. Please specify a public URL on which you want to do “safe pictures”. If your actual target is a public one, please share its URL. If your target is not public, then choose any public URL as fixture. Unless active URL as target is set and shared, nobody would be able to co-operate.
  2. Please specify which HTML element you want to target. Possibly you should learn how to use Chrome DevTools, and tell the “XPath” of the element in the target page.
  3. Please specify what you want to do with the picture.
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Here is a public web site that Katalon offers for demonstration.

Here you find some pictures. I guess that this page could be your target as example.

Before asking others for answers, you should try to create a test case to do what you want to do.

Your code may fail. It’s ok. You can provide the information (your test case script, the TestObject definition, the error log you got). And then you can ask others how to fix that concrete failure. You should go step by step.

thank you very much for your reply, you are right I should have started with the basics. I have looked into it more and a lot of my questions have resolved them self that way.

The Pictures I want are from the website:, I would like to get the images of some of the offers there.

Is it OK to close this post?

If you have got more questions, you should create new topics for each.

Sure, should I open a new discussion for my Image question? I have done my research and tried many different things, so I am not just asking because i am to lazy to figure it out for my self.

Yes, you should post new discussions with concrete information per each specific issue. If you have 3 questions to ask, then you would deserve 3 posts. Indivisuallized/descriptive titles would help searching easier later.

Please have a look at this guideline before posting next