Scheduled test runs remain 'in progress'

Good morning,

My colleague and I are still fairly new to test automation, and Katalon, so we’re still figuring out how things work.

We’ve just learnt how to schedule tests in TestOps but when they run them, the tests never passes or fails. It just says ‘This test run is in progress’.

Can anyone please explain why is this happening? I feel like we’re missing something but no idea what it could be.

Just FYI, we’re still on the trial version of Katalon but I’m not sure if this would make any difference.

Thank you in advance.

Hi everyone,

I have the same issue.

could anyone support ? Thanks

I also have the same issue. The loading spinner never ends.

Same problem…

Is there a solution for this “This test run is in progress.” message ?

What wrong with Katalon Analytics ?

Hi! I have the same problem…

Is there any solution?

I have the same problem. Have you get a solution ?

Same here.

they also still will run in 3 days.

Hi all, generally there are multiple reasons for a scheduled tests runs to remain in progress. For example:

  1. Katalon Studio (KS) crashes during the execution process
  2. You or your team have actively terminated the execution in KS
  3. Errors occur when TestOps parsing reports from KS

Please kindly identify your problem area and check your KS logs (if any) and provide us with more details so we can help you further

On behalf of TestOps team,

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Is there a sollution for this problem yet?

I also have this issue. I have already:

Closed all my browsers
Used Tools -> Web - Disable running webdrivers
Closed Katalon

They are still running now a week later!

Not sure what KS logs to provide. Please solve this OLD issue

It is a major bug for all users.
Please investigate instead waiting any feedback from us.

In fact, nothing happens, the execution looks “on going” in testops and never ends…
It occurs when we have a lot of tests in the test suite.

As far as i understand, you own a licence so you are eligibile to riste a ticket with Katalon support directly.
The comunity cannot help you for such cases too much.

Hi all,

The issue has been solved now. [New Release] Katalon Platform Update - July 12, 2023 - #2 by Elly_Tran Thank you!