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Hi @devalex88 and all,

I would like to know if I can reduce the effort to schedule Plans by using a single scheduler for more than one plan.

Every job I create is organized by functionality. This way each job progress and results can be tracked.

However, I still need every job to execute so I would like to create one schedule for all plans. As I see it now, I have to navigate to each plan and schedule each job.

  1. I’m repeating the same steps to create identical Schedules
  2. The maintenance is higher if I need to disable or modify the schedules.

Am I missing something or can I request functionality to link multiple Plans to one schedule?

It could be useful to be able to re-use a Trigger for multiple Test Run Types, although then what if you only wanted to change the trigger for one Test Run Type - perhaps a warning to suggest that it would affect others. Seems like the relationship design could be debated both ways and this is what Katalon settled on.

In the meantime would it work if you organise your functionality based tests at a test suite collection level? Then you could have a single test suite collection will all test suites for a given area of functionality running under the same Test Run Types and thus the same Trigger(s).

Hi @jeremy.harris, I settled on the Test Suite collection like you mentioned.

  1. Reduced the need for multiple Triggers
  2. Reporting on each test suite still occurs so I can see the pass/fail at the smaller test suite level
  3. Support parallel execution across the TSC (Test Suite Collection)

What I don’t like and maybe you can suggest a work-around.

  1. Unable to execute a single test-suite in TestOps on-demand. Useful for immediate feedback on one test-suite that was changed or fixed.
  2. The parallel execution is not as fast as I hoped. Simple login/logout takes 30 seconds (Slow app). Running two logins in parallel takes 60 seconds. 3 = 90 seconds. I’m still investigating but I would think 2 = 40, 3 = 45. Slightly longer but that much longer. I still need to deep dive but I wonder if anyone else has noticed slower parallel execution than expected.

Thanks for the suggestion. TSC proved to be much simpler.

I have triggered test suite from katalon test ops, it failed with below error

Unable to navigate to ‘’ (Root cause: com.kms.katalon.core.exception.StepFailedException: Unable to navigate to ‘’

configuration used:
windows 10
chrome 97
Katalon test cloud

Please let me know what could be the reason for failure