Schedule Cases to run and uploading files with variable names

Are you able to schedule Katalon to run like you could Selenium at one point?

Also, can you set a test case to pick up a file following a certain naming convention as opposed to a specific name?

So I want to upload a file each day using the following naming convention: “Name_20181205_Number.txt.”

So tomorrow I’d want to upload the file “Name_20181206_Number.txt.” Is this possible?

Hope that makes sense. Thank you!

Look at: Unable to upload file from local it may help you. To change date you can use runScript command to take date in specific format and join it with rest of the name of your file using JS as well. So JS inside runScript command should be something like:

var date = getDate in format (yyyymmdd)
return nameOfFile = “Name_”+date+"_Number"

So each day you play this test, name of your file will contain proper actual date.