[Save the Date] Autonomous Software Testing Workshop (AUST'22)

Hi Community members! :wave:
We’re excited to announce the Autonomous Software Testing Workshop (AUST’22) hosted by Katalon in collaboration with the organizers of the Automated Software Engineering Conference. This is a great opportunity for practitioners of all levels to explore a wide range of topics in test automation, especially in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in autonomous software testing!

Save your seat right away to not miss out on this meaningful sharing.


:spiral_calendar: Date: Monday, October 10
:alarm_clock: Time: 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM (Eastern Time, US and Canada)
:desktop_computer: The workshop will be held virtually via Zoom
>> Program website

The workshop program includes 10 talks, including three keynotes by established experts in the field:

  • Sebastian Elbaum at the University of Virginia, USA
  • Mush Honda - Chief Quality Architect at Katalon
  • Andrea Stocco at the UniversitĂ  della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland

Our great Katalians…

  • Vu Nguyen - Head of Software Engineering Research
  • Mai Le - Senior Technical Product Manager
  • Phuoc Pham - Research Associate
  • Kiet Ngo - AI/Software Research Intern, and
  • Khang Pham - AI/SE Research Intern
    … will also join in delivering 06 topics on the workshop agenda*.*

I’m in :slight_smile:

The sign up form states it is a requirement to "Sign in to google"


– not true. For those wishing to break free of the bonds that google have over our online lives, you can simply ignore the requirement, fill in the rest of the form and click Submit.


Great! Look forward to seeing you then :smile:

On another note, I do think that breaking free of Google nowsaday is pretty hard (unless you’re using adblocks, VPN, or adopting a hermit-like, off-the-grid lifestyle, etc.), what with their monopoly in search, advertising, and now their (less-than-successful) venture into hardware.

Not gonna lie, that Lemongrass Pixel 7 is looking :sparkles: aesthetic :sparkles: Though availability seems to be Google’s Achilles’ heel :cry:

In your experiences, how would you de-couple yourself from google, facebook, apple, etc. as much as possible? :bowing_man:

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It’s hard. REALLY hard. I just avoid it when I can. I use duckduckgo for search (I haven’t used google search for ~12 years). I have a Samsung phone so avoiding google on that is a constant effort.

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I used to have a Bing-phase for about a year as well (while its search results weren’t quite as relevant as Google at times, it was still the lesser of two evils in my opinion, and also I could collect Bing points for their rewards program buttt it’s currently not available in Vietnam :cry: .

One of the things I’ve heard from people over at Apple camp is that Apple doesn’t “collect our information, etc and doesn’t put targeted ads on our faces, etc.”, but if we think about it, now that’s they’ve successfully created an ecosystem of their own…

  • Services: Apple Music, Apple TV
  • Hardware: iPhone, iPad, watches, etc.
  • Software: MacOS, iOS, iPadOS
    … with complete control to boot. How can we be sure that they won’t decide to follow Google’s path?

Also this video sort of confirm my feelings of Apple’s shady practices :laughing: