Salesforce lightning web component file upload - Katalon Studio

How to Automate the “lightning web component file upload” control using Katalon studio.
I tried with record and playback, but when I run the script it only clicks the Upload button but is unable to upload the file.

UI Action:

  1. Click the Upload Files Button.
  2. Open the system File Browser popup.
  3. Choose the file and press the Open Button.

Just to let you know, as per your heading breadcrumbs, that Katalon Studio and Katalon Recorder are two separate applications. I think you are using the Web Recorder of KS.

There have been many requests on this forum to do with Salesforce, therefore, you should be able to find something. One of the first things you should check out is if there are any <iframe> around the Upload button. If there is, you have to switch to it first, and then carry on with your testing. For each <iframe> in your pathway, you have to do the same.

The below topic should help you to review the HTML of the browser to check on the various tags associated with the Upload button.

Hi @prabakar.m, This post may also help: CSS Tutorial and links for working with CSS selectors