Running Test Case

while i’m running mt test case , i found a validation message for First Name filed contains “the first name should not contains numbers”
and i’m using numbers in my case
and the case completed successfully
while it should stopped and gives a failed
Any help please for this case

@sara.alyahya Can you do the same thing yourself manually? If you can, then I would say you have found a bug that you can report back to your web developers that they can fix. Although with the way things are going, I suspect we will be having cool names with numbers. :slight_smile: Could be a trend like Elon Musk’s daughter: X Æ A-12

What indicator did you put to stop your test if it should fail? What report(s) did you review? I like the JUnit_Report.xml.

No , it;s working with me Manually

It seems like Katalon Does not handle my Case

You were able to enter a name with number and KS was able to enter a name with number. After you setText, or sendKeys, the First Name with numbers, do you follow that statement with:


WebUI.verifyTextNotPresent(‘Input could not contains numbers.’, false, FailureHandling.STOP_ON_FAILURE)

I’m trying to find our how you are trying to stop your TC that it was a failure.

You can also use verifyElementVisible but you need to get the text-in-red element information. It would be easier to understand the logic though.