Running on VDI machine in the background

I am trying to run my working testscripts (webUI) on a VDI machine. The environment is the same as my local machine due to corporate policy. Same java, browser, KS versions.
The scripts are running fine until I minimize the VDI window and send it to the background, then it became very unstable. I get various exceptions like NoSuchElement, clickIntercepted etc. Sometimes a testcase passes then fails in another run.
So far the only error I could pinpoint is a Robot class file upload which browses the file explorer in a Windows-like window. That fails almost everytime in the background.

Do you have any idea why it happens? Does this technology capable of this functionality or this is a KRE field?


no is not. this is a major mistake some people do.
it may look like the environment in vdi is same like the host machine, but is not.
it may be ‘similar’
my recomandation, first create a stable testing environment.
the rest are just details

My experience is that it works fine as long as I keep in front of my eyes. VDI is active.
Weird stuff happens after I leave it behind and let it do the job in the dark.
Am I imagine it? Only coincidence? Might be of course :\

my experience says, create a stable testing environment, if you like your tests to have a certain level of relevance.
otherwise, it is just ‘wanna play here’

just imagine this…
if you, as tester in charge, don’t trust your own tests (no matter the reasons)… how can you validate the product you are testing?

“well, boss, hold on, i am a wannabe and katalon guys didn’t gave me clues in due time… sorry i screwed the deploy…”

Ok, you are turning this into something else now.

no, i don’t.
unless you bring relevant use cases to debate, usually the error is between the chair and the keyboard

true. this is weird all I say. same happens on a win10 virtual desktop. There is something I can’t grab.
While there is a small chance that is caused by the site itself, the technology used for development or some network issue, I don’t need to admit to myself that it is all my fault. ;>

…that is why I bother.

I’m going back to play with my toys, thank you for your time and effort.

One other point, if you have a “Robot” running in the background, are you doing something in the foreground? If you are, then the “Robot” will not have all the equipment/requirements that it needs to run without interference–basically, you are interfering with the “Robot” trying to do “it’s thing”.

If the “Robot” needs the keyboard or mouse, you cannot be playing with them at the same time.

I excluded those scripts from this experiment. thanks

make sure your machine does not occasionally go to lock screen/blank screen etc when is unattended, check in screensaver settings and power management.

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