Running existing tetscases after 30.04


I understand that from 30.04 it will not be possible anymore to register a free a Katalon version.

My case:
I have a Katalon 6.3.3 installed on 2 machines, node and runtime, where Jenkis is running the
test cases.


1.If I will reinstall the Katalon on this machines with same Katalon account, will be possible to register the version?

2.I don’t use plugins, so if I will keep this version installed after the date 30.04, testcases will still run, right? Problems could appear if I will need a plugin or un upgrade. Do I understand correctly?



@razvan.prepelita you may have to do a backup of the activation file from the actual running machines.
Without using plugins, it may be a chance to still work after the sunset, provided will be exactly the same machine, but i am not sure about it.
Time will tell …