Running app automation on Browserstack - Not driver found

I have created a simple App automation script

This is my Remote desire capabilities

But when I run it, I got this error… can’t find any clear information or solution about this error."

Please Help!
Thank You!


Do you put


before those steps?

Hi @duyluong

I have added the app_ID that generated from Browserstack, then run it on the same remote desired capabilites, but return this error

Then, btw I found this discussion about not using the “Start application” URGENT : Not able to launch app in Browserstack while executing from test from Katalon
on this old discussion, someone also have issue on 2019, then me on 2020
Please help


Please share us full stack-trace of the execution log

Hi @duyluong

Its kinda working by only state these desired cap

The start application step is remain as your suggestion

Thank You @duyluong

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