Running app automation on Browserstack - Not driver found

I have created a simple App automation script

This is my Remote desire capabilities

But when I run it, I got this error… can’t find any clear information or solution about this error."

Please Help!
Thank You!


Do you put


before those steps?

Hi @duyluong

I have added the app_ID that generated from Browserstack, then run it on the same remote desired capabilites, but return this error

Then, btw I found this discussion about not using the “Start application” URGENT : Not able to launch app in Browserstack while executing from test from Katalon - #4 by Zarashima
on this old discussion, someone also have issue on 2019, then me on 2020
Please help


Please share us full stack-trace of the execution log

Hi @duyluong

Its kinda working by only state these desired cap

The start application step is remain as your suggestion

Thank You @duyluong

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