Run test using MSEdge browser driver on Mac Book Pro


I am trialing Katalon Studio in my organisation to build test automation solution. We use Macbooks across the organisation. I need to run tests on MSEdge browser/driver.

So far, I tried:

  1. Downloading standalone MSEdge driver from Microsoft Edge WebDriver - Microsoft Edge Developer for Mac.
  2. Added driver to the “Driver” folder of project and added msrdgedriver (see screenshot1)
  3. Added driver folder (along with msrdgedriver) to include folder.
  4. Created msedgedriver_mac folder and added driver to /Applications/Katalon (screenshot2)
  5. Tried restarting Katalon Studio after each of above attempts.

None of above helped to run test using MSEdge driver on Macbook.

Appreciate your in this regards!
Viral Panchal


I don’t think it’s actually possible. You should make a VM running Windows 10 and run tests from the VM. Else you can use a platform like Browserstack.

It is the same for Windows user who want to run tests on Safari.