Run Automation in the Active browser


Can anyone know How to run the automation acript in the active browser?


We have a salesforce application which will send otp to mobile on the below cases

  1. first time login from any Computer
  2. One the same computer if browser cache is cleared

To avoid OTP, we need to login to sales force application from the browser of the same system without clearing the cache.

Problem :- Trying to automate this application in Katalon.

Whenever the automation script is run for login to application, Katalon is executing the script in new browser with no cache, so salesforce application is always sending OTP. This scenario requrires manual intervention.

Can anyone suggest the better solution to overcome this scenario?

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Hello Aguggella ,

Please Look at the link below.



Hi @aguggella

I wrote a tutorial to solve your situation.

Please reply here if you have any issues or need more information.

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