Retrieving a list of TestObject in one selection

Hi guys

I’m very new to Katalon and trying to implement basic test cases for a Single Page App.

Here is the thing. I have a list of products (6 items) and each product has a “View product” button. The id attribute of the button for each product is “btn-product-view-aa62739c8e3a385c4eb01e499bead95989ce5a03”. The last part is a uuid for each product which means my 6 buttons all have a different id.

Now I’d like to pick one button randomly to simulate a user browsing my website.

I have created a TestObject with the following condition “Start With btn-product-view” but it returns only one button, the first one on the page.

Could you please tell me how to get a list (or Hashmap or TestObject?) with the 6 buttons?

Thank you

I assume those ids will always be dynamic?
you might want to look into jsoup to extract the list.

Hi Kai

Yes they are. The list of products is populated using JSON data provided by an external API.