[RESOLVED] Trouble locating PDF coming from Rightsignature, and signing it electronically

UPDATE: This problem is now solved. I asked help from my colleague.

I just realised that I posted a very vague and incomprehensible question, my apologies.

Anyway, to expound on this, our application has an integration with Rightsignature. All PDFs from Rightsignature are shown in our application inside an iframe.

It turns out that thru the manual creation of an “object”, we can actually allow Katalon to point and perform actions on a specific object inside the iframe. We did it by:
- Explicitly stating that the object where the action is to be performed has a parent iframe/object.
- Specifying an object’s id/tag/class.

Hi guys. We have a portion in the app where a PDF form is Is there a way for the Katalon tool to automatically detect PDFs coming from RightSignature and sign in?

A portion of our application fetches PDF coming from Rightsignature and allows the user to sign it thru drag+drop.

We cannot build a test script for it because:
a) The tool seems to be having difficulty locating the PDF object; and
b) Even if it can locate such PDF object, we are still looking for ways to electronically sign such document.

Any ideas?

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Thanks for updating us.