Resize a column of a grid (make it wider)

Hi everyone,

I am trying to make an automated test case in which I have to resize a column of a table because there is a checkbox in the cell of that column that I have to check. As the page is loaded, the column is so narrow that the checkbox cannot be checked, so I have to define a step before that in which I have to make the column wider.


Has somebody faced this kind of problem before? If so, what could the solution be?

Thanks a lot to you all.

Two answers:

  1. Use the Java Robot class:

  2. Tell the developers their HTML/grid is poorly designed.

The first answer is a fair amount of work.

The second answer is the best and correct one.

I can think of a bunch more answers but they’re all about fixing their grid before it can be tested. But, as a test engineer, that is not your job.