Reporting without internet connection

Our build infrastructure with Jenkins has no internet connection (one-time for an initial installation is manually possible). For reporting, we need the Plugin Basic Report, but it’s not possible to execute it on Jenkins without an internet connection. Are there any plans to solve this problem? Of course a workaround is to use a Katalon version < 6.1.5, but we don’t want to choose a system which is already deprecated.

While this doesn’t affect me today, it will in the future.

Since this sounds like a design fault, I’m moving it to bug reports.

@devalex88/@ThanhTo/@duyluong can you guys make a commitment to have this formerly working scenario fixed, please?

Hi @benjamin.krauss

You can open a port to allow connection to our Katalon Store. Since executing in command line using API key will send the API key to the server to authenticate the permission, a connection is required. We will discuss the possibility of making it offline-compatible, but I can’t guarantee a concrete plan.

Cheers !

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