Report missing under the Project Settings

Operating System


Katalon Studio version

version 8.6.5

Environment (for Web Testing)

WEB testing

Steps to reproduce

    • Go to Projects
    • Go to Settings
  1. Select Execution

There should be a “Report” under execution
Why do I see it in a course but on my computer / katalon I dont have that option. Can someone help me please.

Expected Behavior
There should be a “Report” under execution
Actual Behavior
Report is not visible
Screenshots / Videos (please attach screenshots or videos if necessary to reproduce the issue)


Reports are found in the Reports folder of your project–the folder is in your image above just above “TestOps”. Also note, Reports are only created when you run a Test Suite, not individual Test Cases.

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@naomy.arnold - You can find report under First panel of your project.

report is genereted here for TestSuiteCollection and TestSuite Run only.

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I know this however, I was referring to the playback options for reporting, I found it today finally. Thank you for responding and trying to help me I appreciate that… It was at the ROOT of execution so it was moved.

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You will find it at the root of EXECUTION, under project settings. Its not under report now, its under executions. I hope I am not confusing anyone. If so reach out!