Rename the Folder ( All Element in that Folder not Update ) Cause Testcase not Run

Hello Team Katalon

When I rename a Folder ( Which have Elements )
After rename - I run a Testcase not OK

Bug : All Elements is not Update

Thank so much

yes, I’ve noticed this happens sometimes too. You will have to reselect the elements/test cases under that renamed folder. This happens a lot of me in the Object Repo.

Sometimes, after I rename something, it’ll error saying can’t rename the file, but it rename it in the test case/scenario but not on the test case/folder proper. I restart of the app fixes this.

renaming is a little fragile in the app, I think.

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When you renamed folders, you should do:

Project > Refresh

Wait for a few seconds, and the project’s view will get in sync with the file system.

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Hello Kazurayam

Refesh project seem to be : not support
I always make a drag drop ( step by step )

I have 100 Tetscase ( 1.000 Elenment like this - I did it Yesterday )
Today I have to do again

Sorry I waste of a week to check it all

Is there any real solution for this!?

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