Removing Debugging functionality from Free Version of Katalon v7

Hi @Katalon_team team,

Don’t you think, it’s unfair to remove the debugging feature in the Free Version of KS 7.
Debugging is a fundamental feature for any IDE.

Please consider enabling the debugging feature.

Thanks a TON.


It has in effect rendered this version of Katalon unusable as a testing tool. Even Microsoft visual studio has a debug mode!
Why would any company pay for a product with hardly any built in features when there is free alternative with a bigger market share and where it is easier to recruit people with experience. And this decision not only affects companies who use your product but also individuals who are using it for their own personal projects and who don’t have a budget
I’m afraid that this may be now the end of my 2 and a half years working with Katalon. Which has been in 2 companies where i had to fight to get Katalon Studio as the test tool.

Yeah, thanks a TON

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Yes, a lot of us have experienced this and moved away from this product I suggest you do too and use only open sourced projects not “free”. We are lucky enough to live in a very interesting times for test automation.

Check Playwright for example, looks promising since Microsoft is behind it and the whole Google Puppeteer team + community since it’s open sourced and there is no Webdriver or Selenium involved.