Reload plugins cannot be done due to password change

One of my friend is not able to reload plugins in her system. Getting the error " Reloading plugins failed due to password change. Please reactivate katalon studio".
I tried deleting ‘.katalon’ folder and runtime settings/prefs file as well. But still facing the same issue. Tried with katalon 7.2 and 7.4 versions. I think somewhere herbold credentials are saved in her system.
Kindly help ASAP.

Hi @adityaagrawal167,
Have you reactivated Katalon Studio and tried reloading plugins again?

Yes, I already tried reactivating katalon and reloading plugins. Even after changing the password two times, it is giving same error for plugins.

Hi @adityaagrawal167

Just press “Cancel”, the dialog will not show again.

Tried that also Sir. Still same message.

I have same issue.